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Free Flow - Portion Control Dispenser

Dispenser | Free Flow | Idm | Australian and New Zealand distributors   measures.jpg

Free Flow Portion Control Dispenser.

The dispenser which lets you decide when you are fully satisfied.

Simply turn the handle, let it flow and decide when to stop. Nothing's simpler, nothing's more efficient.

This user friendly dispenser also offers the ability to manually select the size of the
dispenser's opening - ensuring perfect portion sizes for foods of different size.




The free flow can be fitted to the following dispensers:

All the H models, All the DH models, All the D models, ACD 200, ACD 400, H200, H400 dispensers, please see samples below


dh50-container100cm-free-flow-upgraded-a-.jpg d30-a-free-flow-upgraded.jpg
 h400-free-flow-upgraded.jpg  dh50-container100cm-free-flow-upgraded-b-.jpg


Please "Contact us" for more information about the "Free Flow" Portion Controlled Dispenser.

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