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CLICK DISPENSER - Coffee/Sugar & Spice

Qec Distribution is the Australian Distributor for IDM Dispensers. 

Our Coffee dispenser is well designed to best fit personal and industrial use. We offer several kinds of coffee dispensers to serve coffee, sugar, hot chocolate, powders & spices. This dispenser has the ability to dispense a precise, premeasured amount of powder every time by its "powder-release" function and a simple click.

The Click Dispenser prevents spills and keeps the environment clean and hygienic, alongside avoiding waste and saving money by setting an accurate portion of 1 or 1/2 tea spoons.

Applications: businesses & offices, home & private use.
Functionality: set the desired amount you wish to dispense, and click.
Portion (Size) Control: 1 x Tsp (5cc) per serving. / 0.5 x Tsp (2.5cc)