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CLICK DISPENSER - Topping Ice Cream

Qec Distribution is the Australian Distributor for IDM Dispensers.

With our click Click Topping Dispenser, it is now possible to dispense hundreds of different toppings, all while presenting your clients with the most hygienic, esthetic and user friendly solution for their perfect ice cream sundae.

The Click Topping dispenser's smart portion control mechanism ensures that portions are served equally, without any damage and with a simple click of a handle. It prevents spills and keeps the environment clean and hygienic, alongside avoiding waste and saving money by setting an accurate portion of 1 tea spoon per click.


Applications: ice cream & yogurt parlors, shakes & smoothies, coffee chain, fast food industry.
set the desired amount you wish to dispense, and click.
(Size) Control: 1 x Tsp (5cc) per serving.